About Us

Once upon a time, there was a not so magical city called Fredericton in Canada, home to the largest ocean tidal whirlpool in the western hemisphere, where a little girl named Rachel was born.

Approximately 8 months later, in an equally not so magical city called Niagara Falls, Canada, home to, well, the world famous Niagara Falls, a little boy named Tom was born.

For 40 years, each lived in and wandered around various foreign and exotic lands and both eventually ended up in California.



One day, an evil virus caused a global pandemic. Everyone was in lockdown, weren't allowed to see friends and family, and weren't allowed to go out except for essential purposes.

With nothing super exciting to do, and California being on fire, Tom and Rachel decided to investigate a popular app where you swiped left or right depending on whether you'd like to get to know someone better.

After days of swiping, a fair, meek maiden caught Tom's eye. He immediately swiped right.

Meanwhile, sitting in her bedroom, after swiping for minutes, hours, or days (could have been seconds, but who knows... time mushed together during the pandemic...), a young, handsome, studly bachelor caught Rachel's eye. She immediately swiped right.

To her elation, they matched.

And that's how their story began.

To many adventures, many travels and many many more stories.